Weekly Web Wows

Dew on a Spider Web by Luc Viatour

Image by Luc Viatour http://www.Lucnix.be, Creative Commons

Emily Maynard (not the one from The Bachelor) gets to the heart of the lustful eye with “Modesty, Lust, and My Responsibility.”  I was really impressed by her insight that lust isn’t about sexual attraction, but about control, even dehumanization.  It really hit home as deeply true.  You should definitely check this one out.

Ron Goetz explains bigotry, gay rights, and Christian politics much better than I ever could.

There aren’t many places on the web to read about Body Acceptance and Health At Every Size from a Christian perspective.  Check out Abi’s blog, Adipose Rex.

Most conscience-prickling.  Grace Biskie’s plea for racial reconciliation at Rachel Held Evans’s blog.  

Most heartbreaking:  Getting Tested for HIV.  Sometimes the consequences of infidelity go beyond social, beyond emotional, to the very edge of life and death.  And it’s not God’s punishment on the guilty.  The innocent suffer, too, as they all too often do.

And the “Where did THIS come from?” Award goes to David Weigel’s massive, ongoing history of Prog Rock at Slate.com.

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