Prayer For September 11

World Trade Center Memorial by Derek Jensen

Memorial by Derek Jensen, 2004

Father, in Heaven, Holy One,

As we remember that terrible day, we pray

Please bring your healing to all those who lost loved ones

On that day, in the battles that followed, and in the wars to come

Protect us here, and protect our soldiers abroad

Be our shield, our strength, our portion, our vision

That no more buildings may burn

That no more towers may fall.

Holy Father, give restraint and peace to my countrymen

So no more mosques or gyro joints will burn.

Give wisdom and grace to us, as Christians

So that we may say, “not my will, but yours be done,”

So that we can pray for violent hearts to turn,

So that we can pray for souls and lives to be won,

Lord, we pray for America and Americans.

Force us to our knees,

So that we can learn to pray

For Iraqi, Afghani, even for Taliban

Even as they seek to shed our blood.

Lord, give us strength to offer those prayers genuinely

For we know that saying prayers for our enemies is easy

But meaning them is hard.

Just as loving them is hard.

Yours is the power.

Yours is the glory.

Help us belong to your kingdom,

Forever and ever,


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