Twelve-Word Tuesday: Outshine Bars

Outshine Fruit Bars:

“Vegan. Mostly fruit and juice. Better than ice cream in the summertime.”

… and best of all, they’re available everywhere. I’m trying to “do vegan” in a small southern town with probably less than a dozen vegetarians, much less vegans. There is no Whole Foods. There is no Haagen-Daaz Mango Sorbet (oooh, I wish there were). There is no sorbet at all. I know. I looked.

I’d almost given up, when, at the very end of the grocery aisle, I saw a row of brightly colored boxes, decorated with fruit, with equally brightly colored bars pictured on the front.

This is good. Bright colors usually mean plant-based (unless it’s the bizarro neon-shiny colors that mean chemical-based, but I digress). I opened the cooler, picked up a box, and read the label. Bingo! All of them but the coconut flavor were vegan.

They were pretty affordable, and I’ve since tried three flavors: strawberry, grape, and pineapple. I love them all, though grape might be my favorite.

Now, these Outshine bars aren’t perfect. They’re mostly juice and fruit pulp, but they do have added sugar, and they do have a few too many not-totally natural ingredients to be ideal. But they’re well within the realm of “I can live with it,” and they’re worlds better than what I was eating before.

Let me give you another twelve worlds:

Outshine bars: cold, colorful, delicious and refreshing. I don’t miss ice cream.


Disclaimer: Nestle isn’t paying me anything for this post. But if they decide to send me a check anyway, I will cash it 🙂

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