Wednesday’s Thoughts

No, not that Wednesday…

Okay, so part of learning is making mistakes and learning from them. I think I made a mistake with “Willpower Wednesday.”

It’s not that I don’t want to write about Grit, the Growth Mindset, Willpower, Self-Control, and Self-Efficacy … it’s just that I’m just not far enough along the learning curve to write about it every week and have it be worthwhile. I don’t have that much insight yet.

Don’t worry, I’ll still write about these topics from time to time, but only when I have something worth writing.

I’ll do something else on Wednesdays. It may take me a little while to settle on it. I may simply use the day to support the overall themes I’m working on at the time, allowing me to focus on specific topics, rather than dragging them out over several weeks.

I’ve been feeling like the blog had lost touch with its initial vibe anyway, like it had sort of lost its way and become fragmented. Maybe this will let me reunify things a little, while still talking about my experiences with going vegan. This always was a more spiritual than practical and academic blog anyway.

I want to use this space to explore a sort of “unified theory” to the changes I’m trying to make in my life right now, and the Grit stuff just doesn’t fit. C’est la vie.







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