Ghostbusters, now that I’ve seen it


It will probably comes as no surprise to most of you when I say liked it. I grinbed and laughed along with it until the climax.

Then it went all CGI actiony for about 10 minutes. Some reviewers hated this,  but I found it strangely satisfying to watch comic actors kicking ghost butt in HD CG glory…it was a bit like watching Sammo Hung or Jackie Chan fight, but without the martial arts (obviously).

After the brief actuon interlude, it got funny again, ending with the best and most fun end credits I think I’ve ever seen.  

Now, a couple of thoughts about the film.

This is the second movie I’ve seen recently that had a young,  entitled white man with a grievance as it’s primary villain (The Force Awakens being the other), and I have to say or makes a nice change. Kylo Ren and Rowan aren’t villains I’ve seen a million times in movies,  though apparently their personality types are common (and toxic) enough in the real world. 

The Mary Sue has a great article about the politics of Ghostbusters, comparing it to its predecessor. I pretty much agree with it,  so I will just direct you to it faster than rehash it. 

I remember grinning through almost the entire film,  absolutely loving the cast and characters (especially Kate McKinnon’s Jillian Holtzman, whose cocky mad scientist would actually make an awesome 13th Doctor).

Apparently I’m not the only Holtzman fan. Style Thief actually published a how to dreas like Jillian Holtzman article, and it started with “give absolutely no f@#k$”.

So,  thumbs up,  and I’ll gladly watch it again.

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