Meat-Free Monday: Lazy Vegan Recipes: Round Two Purple Potatoes

What can be both burgers and fries? Round Two Purple Potatoes.

Actually, any color sweet potato will work, but the purple ones have a wonderfully complex flavor. 


  • baked sweet potatoes (leftovers are good. that’s why I call them”round two” potatoes) 
  •  fresh cut red onion
  • olive oil

You’ll also want your favorite condiments and possibly some good bread or hamburger buns. 

The directions are as simple as the ingredients:  

  1. Thickly coat a medium skillet with olive oil, and turn it onto medium heat (about 6).
  2. Slice the red onion and put it into the oil. Do this first, because the onions will take longer than the potatoes
  3. Cut the potatoes about 1/2 inch (1 cm) thick. 
  4. Place the potato slices into the oil with the onions and cook for about two minutes per side. 
  5. Take them out and eat them. 

You can eat these like round French fries (they’re especially good with a mix of ketchup and mayo) or you can toast some bread and eat them with your favorite toppings, including the sauteed onions.

As usual, I  got no pictures,  because we devoured them all before I even thought about reaching for my phone. Oops.

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