Walkin’ Across (Disney) World 

Like I said earlier,  we’re going to Disney World pretty soon. 

In addition to finding vegan food options,  the big question plaguing me is, “Hey,  I work a desk job.  How am I going to walk all over Disney for six days without calling apart? ”

I’m going to have to find a really good pair of size 15 walking shoes,  the kind that are good for very heavy men, and then I’m going to have to start walking everyday. 

I’ll need to start small,  and build up from there. Perhaps start with half a kilometer/a quarter mile. 

Then I’ll work up by maybe one-tenth mile per day until I’m walking a mile every outing. 

I’ll also need to spend more time on my feet, stand as much as I can,  and walk multiple times each day. That may be more important that how far I walk in one outing. 

As to how I’m going to do this alongside everything else I need and want to get done, well, that’s the hard part. 

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