Meat-Free Monday: Eating Mexican While Vegan

Last Friday we took my parents out to their favorite Mexican restaurant, Pericos, to celebrate their anniversary. 

We all had fun visiting, and of course they loved seeing their granddaughter.

Pericos is known for their meat dishes, and I can tell you from my pre-vegan days that the reputation is well-earned.

I was a little concerned as to what I was going to order,  because there was no menu online,  and when you have a 3 year old with you,  you can’t always focus on the menu. 

Remember,  this is all taking place small-town Mississippi, fat from the nearest Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. I may have been the first vegan to darken their doors since, well, maybe ever. 

But I had no cause to worry. They had a short vegetarian menu, and one of the items was “1 bean burrito and 1 cheese enchilada.”

They gladly made that 2 bean burritos, with no cheese or sour cream. They brought out a spicy red sauce on the side. It came with a side of rice and beans, so it was very filling. I added a guacamole salad appetizer and put most of it on top of the burritos. 

The end result was tasty, very filling, and quite affordable. A lovely dinner. Mission accomplished. 

The moral of this story?  You can do it, even in small town Mississippi, and it doesn’t have to be a big sacrifice. 

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