Update on Writing Short Scenes to Rebuild My Writing Muscles


Friday: I did my first small bite today during my lunch break.  It was a short scene, a foot chase through traffic, not even 200 words. My focus was imagery and sensory detail:  getting just a little poetic while keeping the prose fast-paced and breezy. 

It was good,  for what it was. I enjoyed writing it, I got a short writing  workout,  and I think I even succeeded in my goals. 

Life is good

Monday:  I did my second one today, again during my lunch break. This one was only 149 words,  but I’m actually far Moore echoed about it than about Friday’s.

It’s a short,  descriptive scene of a woman emerging from dense underbrush in a dark forest and seeing a wide open view of fields and his leading down to the sea. 

But something about it really grabbed my attention. I want to know what happened,  how she got there,  and what happens next. 

I may end up writing more about her. 

Again, life is good.    

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