Meat-Free Monday: Favorite Plant-Based Snacks

First, a reminder: I love in rural Mississippi,  30 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart, 40 miles from the nearest good sized grocery store,  and a good two hour drive from the nearest Whole Foods.

So the snack foods here are the kind off things you can find in small town groceries,  and even gas stations.

They aren’t all health foods,  and none of them are as good for you as medjool dates or raw cashews.

But they are yummy and widely available:

  • Cracker Jack. Yes,  the American classic is plant-based!
  • Boom Chicka Pop popcorn (some varieties have dairy,  so check the label)
  • Most original flavor potato chips
  •  Most “standard” bbq chips. However,  honey bbq, sweet bbq,spicy bbq, etc. almost all add whey. 
  • Unflavored nuts and seeds
  • Oreos and most knockoffs, although I don’t buy the chocolate ones because their cocoa is most likely produced with forced child (literal slavery) labor in the Ivory Coast. 
  • Tortilla chips usually are
  • Hard candy usually is 

Now, most of this list is stuff we should all limit our exposure to, but if you’re at a picnic, or stopping a middle of nowhere had station for a snack on a long road trip, our just find yourself in a small southern town craving junk food, you at least know where to start.

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