Vegan @ Disney:  Cinderella’s Castle 

I probably should have taken the picture before I cut into it. 

Cinderella’s Castle is a great experience if you have kids who are into princesses and  want to get closer to them and get their signatures.

Instead of standing in long lines for a meet and greet, we made reservations,  enjoyed a wonderful meal, and let the princesses come to us. We met Cinderella in the entryway, and Aurora, Ariel, Snow White, and Jasmine (in her new, improved outfit, a beautifully embroidered dress) at the meal. 

That said,  it’s an expensive meal,  and it’s very hard to get reservations  (you need to make them months in advance), but it’s a great experience.

I told the check in staff that I had a food restriction, and our waiter asked about it first thing and brought us a special version of the menu that had allergen information listed. 

They didn’t have an on menu vegan appetizer, but they had no problem fixing me a tasty salad to start with. I ate some pickles and olives from my wife’s appetizer,  but I don’t care about cross-contamination. I know most vegans do, and these olives had touched meat. 

They had a great vegan entree on the main menu, the portabella, couscous, and veggie creation above. At first taste, it seemed bland,  but within seconds a bounty of subtle flavors bloomed across my tongue.

They had a great on menu vegan dessert, too: lemon sorbet with the biggest blueberries I’ve ever seen. The sorbet was just tart enough to be refreshing,  just sweet enough to be delicious. 

If you or your kiddos want to meet the princesses, Cinderella’s Castle is well worth the time and money.  The food is great, and the princesses come to your table and take the time to talk to your kids, post for pictures,  and sign autographs.

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