Everybody Was Tai Chi … well, not fightin’ … more exercisin’ and relievin’ stress slowly … Whoa whoa oh-oh


Okay, so day 2 at the Wellness Center went as well as day 1 (archery).

Monday, I tried Tai Chi, which I’d been wanting to try for several years. 

I’ve dabbled in martial arts several times, but what intrigues me about Tai Chi is how many elderly people perform its forms every day, and how those forms keep them strong and flexible.

When I was younger, I was always over interested in the self defense side of any martial art I took. 

But now I have a different enemies list: osteoporosis, heart disease, lack of flexibility, inability to get down on the floor and play with.my daughter, hip fractures and other immobilizing injuries, etc.

None of these have struck me yet, but I’m only 42, and all of them loom.

So I’m excited to learn an art that can carry me into my seventies or eighties … or even beyond.

And just in case anybody didn’t get the title:


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