Meat Free Monday: Processed Not Meats

Oddly enough, the meats I missed most were not steaks, burgers, or even bacon. It was hot dogs and lunchmeat. Basically, the trash foods that hardly taste like meat anyway.

When I first went vegan I avoided fake meats and cheeses while I got “clean” so to speak. I then got into Boca burgers and “chick’n,” which are convenient and helpful, but not meatlike.

But now I’m so far in that I hate the scent of actual meat and even cheese. I’m not worried about going back. 

And so I get to have HOT DOGS! And LUNCH MEATLESS! 

These hot dogs tasted just like regular hot dogs, but without the nasty meat smell. They also have much less fat and zero cholesterol. I like them on buns with catsup and Just Mayo. 

The fake turkey lunch meatless actually tastes like bologna to me, but again without that noxious dead animal smell. I’m loving them, on white bread with a little Just Mayo. 

Meat Free Monday: Super King Buffet In Hattiesburg, MS

So this is my favorite Chinese buffet around.

Why? It is very vegan-friendly if you don’t mind a shared hibachi. 

Their make your own has not only soba but udon, glorious udon! As well as a good selection of vegetables and sauces.

Also, they have two vegan sushi types, plus seaweed and edamame on the buffet. 

For dessert, they have fresh fruit. The pineapple is my favorite.

I can eat myself silly with yummy food I know is safe.


Meat Free Monday: Lower-Fat Tofu Breakfast Sandwich

I love these because they’re savory and a little sweet, just like fast food breakfast sandwiches, but without the nasty heavy greasiness (and, of course, without the animal products).


  • 1 block firm or extra firm tofu
  • 8 slices white bread (I still love Sara Lee Artisano)
  • Vegan margarine
  • Jelly (I prefer grape or hot pepper jelly) 
  • Salt and pepper
  • Onion flakes 
  • Optional: vegan cheeze


  • Cut the tofu into 8 pieces. You’ll use 2 per sandwich 
  • Put the tofu in a nonstick pan on medium high heat.
  • Add salt and pepper and onion flakes to the tofu
  • Let it cook for 5 minutes without messing with it.
  • Flip it, add more salt and pepper and onion flakes, and turn the heat down to medium
  • Let it cook for 4 minutes without messing with it.
  • Toast the bread while the tofu is cooking.
  • Assemble the sandwiches: margarine, jelly, 2 pieces of tofu, and vegan cheeze if you like it.

The onion flakes make it extra savory, the margarine and tofu make it creamy and rich, the toast makes it crispy, and the jelly makes it sweet.


I Played a Video Game Today! 

I played one episode of Saturday Morning RPG. It took maybe an hour. 

The point isn’t how long  I player, our what I played, but that I played

I’ve enjoyed video games since I was a kid, but lately I’ve felt like I haven’t had time to play them. I played Helen’s Mysterious Castle  around Christmas, but hasn’t played anything since then. 

I’d become a little resentful that I felt like I “had” to completely give up this perfectly reasonable hobby that lots of people enjoy.

But my wife reminded me that I have the time if I plan and make the time. And so tonight, I made the time to play a video game.

And it felt good.

My New Spot

There’s a beautiful old oak on campus, a century old at least. They installed three benches under its massive, shade-giving arms.

I’ve been taking my lunches there when the weather’s good, and its been wonderfully relaxing. It really helps my mood for the second okay of the day. 

Just thought I’d share. I’m thankful to have such an ancient, beautiful tree to shade me. There aren’t many of them around anymore. And while you can make more, the production time is awfully slow 😊

Meat Free Monday:  My First Vegan-Versary!

So yesterday was the one year anniversary of me going vegan: the first Sunday of June, 2016. 

I’ve always fallen off the diet or health trend wagon much faster than this. I doubt I’ve even made it 6 months before. But right now I’m a year in and have no desire to change. 

I’m 25 pounds down from where I started, but much more importantly, my blood pressure and cholesterol are dropping, too. 

So yippe!

Okay, I can do better than The Phantom Menace:


There, that’s better!