Meat Free Monday: Crispy Oil Free Quick BBQ Tofu Sandwiches

I feel like a Doctor Who villain: Devour! Devour! Devour!

Seriously, I’ve never tasted, and certainly never made, tofu this good. And I owe it all to this video from Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen:

This was actually my second batch. The first tasted good, but didn’t quite have the golden crisp texture I was looking for. This one nailed it.

By the way, one package of tofu makes three big sandwiches or maybe six smaller ones.

I used Sweet Baby Ray’s Raspberry Chipotle BBQ sauce as the final ingredient in the tofu “fry”, and added some to the sandwich.

For the sandwiches, use your favorite bread (I made two sandwiches, one on white and one on seeded wheat, and both were equally good). 

  1. Toast the bread first.
  2. Spread each slice with a little mayo (optional).
  3. Add BBQ sauce to one slice, and layer it thick with golden crispy caramelized sauced tofu.
  4. Then add shredded cabbage (or cole slaw, if you prefer) and thin cut red onions. Go big with both of these, especially the cabbage. They bring a big crunch and bright flavors to the party, er, sandwich. 

Put the sandwich together and you’re ready to go. 

The tofu and the toasted bread are warm and both crispy and soft at once. The cabbage and onion are cold and crunchy.

The combination of flavors and textures really makes the sandwich pop.

Meat Free Monday: Guilty Pleasure Bagel Chik’n Sandwich with Daiya

I really should start posting all the healthy things I’ve been eating. Maybe later. 

  • This is an Everything Bagel
  • With a Boca vegan chik’n patty
  • A slice of cheddar Daiya
  • Vegannaise 
  • And Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce

Toast the bagel very thoroughly, melt the Daiya while you’re heating the Chik’n patty, then apply condiments to taste.

By the way: Sweet Baby Ray’s really is the best commonly available retail BBQ sauce. Homemade and specialty sauces can beat it, but KC Masterpiece and Heinz never will.

Perseverance Strategy 1: Vegan for the Holidays

We had my wife’s side of the family over on Sunday and Monday, for a big Fourth of July celebration.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I’m given to flaking out on things. I tended to pursue a diet, ethical eating plan, or round of “not eating dairy” for a few months at most. At some point, there would be a “special occasion,” whether a family get-together, a birthday party, or something at work…

… and I’d make an exception, just one exception…

…and then something else would come up, and I’d make an exception then, too…

And pretty soon, my plan had more holes in it than a cheesecloth.

It happened time and time again. So this time I decided not to make any exceptions for the party.

It was easier because we were hosting and Katherine would be in charge of the food. So we bought veggie burgers for the cookout, made some veggie spaghetti to go along with the meatballs, and made sure there were plenty of raw veggies, raw fruit, salad fixings, and baked potatoes.

I made it through without any obvious exceptions (I don’t think the marshmallows and margarine in the Rice Krispies Treats were vegan, so there may have been one flub) or major deviations.

And Tuesday, I didn’t have to get “back on track” because I never really got off track.

I felt a lot better than I usually do after these kinds of events, despite an unusually high amount of sun and swimming and an unusually low amount of sleep.

I plan to do this every single time an event comes up. I’ll bring my own lunch if I have to. I’ll socialize and visit and be a part of everything else, but I’ll hold to my own eating plan.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll make it this time.