Lazy Vegan Recipe: Three Bean Burritos

Wifie made these last night,  and I just had to write about them. 

She started with a three bean version of my black beans with salsa: instead of using the cans of black beans, she used one can of black beans, one can of white beans, and one can of chickpeas.

We used this yummy mix to make burritos. This was my burrito setup, from bottom to top: 

  1. A flour tortilla
  2. Parboiled rice
  3. Three bean and salsa mix
  4. Vegan mayo 
  5. Sriracha
  6. More salsa (cold, for flavor and contrast) 
  7. Freshly diced raw purple onion

We used mild salsa,  so the sriracha was the only hot ingredient.

The hardest part wasn’t getting the burrito to close.  The hardest part was stopping art only three burritos. 🙂