Another Leaf in the Bowl…

‚ÄčWe dont need no salad dressing

We don’t need no soybean oil

No added trans fats on our veggies

Hey, Wishbone! Leave them greens alone

Leave them greens alone

(With insufficient apologies to Pink Floyd) 

Seriously,  though,  if you have a decent mix of fresh (and/or pickled) veggies on the salad, all you need is a little salt and pepper. 

And if you didn’t get the reference,  let me introduce you to one of the greatest rock bands of all time… you’re welcome.

Meat Free Monday: Oh Christmas Sandwich

Oh Christmas sandwich 

Oh Christmas sandwich 

How yummy are thy flavors

Two slices of Mom’s homemade bread

Leftover dressing of cornbread

Add cranberries and Vegennaise

How yummy are thy flavors 

I’ve loved leftover dressing for years.  This is my vegan version. 

I used my vegan cornbread dressing, two slices of my Mom’s homemade bread (the best bread ever), vegan mayo on both slices, and homemade cranberry sauce on one slice.

I toasted the bread and left the rest of it (including the dressing) cold. The contrast of the hot bread and the cold filling is part of the fun.

Meat Free Monday: V for VeganDressing

Remember remember the 25th of December

The vegan cornbread dressing’s hot

I see no reason in this merry session

The dressing should be forgot

Okay,  so I didn’t exactly cook this while wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, but I did mark it to differentiate it from the other cornbread dressings at our family gatherings. 

I used the same recipe I used at Thanksgiving, ChefMom’s vegetarian cornbread dressing. I still used Food52’s  vegan cornbread recipe as my base. 

But I modified the dressing a little. Last time, we were a bit put off by the strong sage flavor, so I eliminated the extra sage from the recipe (the poultry seasoning already has sage in it).

But the biggest change was the incorporation of biscuits into the mix. My grandmother’s recipe used half cornbread and half biscuits as its base. I’d say mine is 2/3rds cornbread and 1/3rd biscuits. 

I think those two changes will make it feel more like”home…” 

…and they did. Everybody liked the dressing a lot more this time, judging both from their comments and their poetion size.

Mission accomplished. 

Meat Free Monday: Vegan Thanksgiving Dressing After-Report

Fruit salad, baked acorn squash, sweet potatoes … These are great, but where is the dressing?

Right here. I made it this year, and while it’s not as good as Mom’s, it still hit the spot.

I used Chef Mom’s recipe, and it was good. She likes her sage and black pepper, though. I fixed this twice, and I’m still working on balacing the spices.

But before I could make vegan cornbread dressing, I  had to make vegan cornbread. 

I used Food52’s vegan cornbread recipe, which uses apple cider vinegar and baking soda instead of eggs. It felt like a grease school science project,  and it tasted …

… well, I haven’t loved this much since my grandmother passed. 

To make a long story short, I successfully navigated “Turkey Day” in vegan mode with no real problems.

And for me,  that is something to be thankful for.