When Nothing Satisfies

DISCLAIMER: I  WROTE THIS BACK IN DECEMBER. I’M MUCH BETTER NOW. Also, the song choice is supposed to be funny.

It occured to me back in December that if I’m not actually enjoying all the things I’m doing that I’m supposed to enjoy, then one or both of two things is true: 


1) there’s a disconnect between what I (and everyone around me) thinks I enjoy and what I actually do enjoy.


    2) I’m suffering from depression to the point that I really can’t enjoy anything. 

    I’m pretty sure #2 isn’t true, so I need to look more closely at #1.

    If #1 is true, it’s probably because I’m operating in bad faith, fooling myself and some of those around me, not being honest about:

    • my needs
    • The choices I’m actually making and why
    • The reasons I so often delay decisions to the point of advocating them
    • The costs of my choices
    • What I can and can’t do, really, in terms of my life

    I’ve done a lot of thinking about that (and working with it) over this year’s first three months. Next week, I’ll write about what I’ve discovered. 

      Twelve-Word Tuesday: Raw. Vegan. Not Gross


      Laura Miller makes vegan un-cooking fun. Healthy, fun, self-deprecating, good for morale.

      (Because nobody likes a pompous, overly-serious vegan. Seriously. If I ever get that way, hit me with a comment stick).

      The videos are short, and they don’t really give you what you need to make the food, but the full recipes are available on her website, I Am Laura Miller.com

      The recipes tend to require some “serious vegan foodie” ingredients, some of which I’m not entirely sure where to get here in rural south Mississippi. But the point of the videos for me are less to get recipe ideas as to just remind myself that being vegan can be fun.

      You can find her videos just by going to YouTube and searching, or you can follow her YouTube channel.

      If you want a very different style of fun vegan cooking videos, check out the “Vegan Black Metal Chef.”

      You can watch his guest appearance (Halloween, naturally) on Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. below: