I Played a Video Game Today! 

I played one episode of Saturday Morning RPG. It took maybe an hour. 

The point isn’t how long  I player, our what I played, but that I played

I’ve enjoyed video games since I was a kid, but lately I’ve felt like I haven’t had time to play them. I played Helen’s Mysterious Castle  around Christmas, but hasn’t played anything since then. 

I’d become a little resentful that I felt like I “had” to completely give up this perfectly reasonable hobby that lots of people enjoy.

But my wife reminded me that I have the time if I plan and make the time. And so tonight, I made the time to play a video game.

And it felt good.

Lindsey Stirling: Because You Need Dubstep Violin


Lindsey Stirling first broke on YouTube doing covers of video game and movie themes, like this great Legend of Zelda medley:


Or this Lord of the Rings tribute: 

Since then,  she’s produced albums full of original material, some with guest vocalists (like Lzzy Hale on Shatter Me):

And now she’s even spreading on soundtracks of her own,  like the recent Pete’s Dragon remake:

So now you know. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite videos,  the live public performance of Master of Tides: