A Point of Clarification for all the Internet Prophets

xkcd comic #386, Creative Commons

There might be someone, somewhere in the U.S. who’s being persecuted for being a Christian, but it ain’t you or me.

Calling things out on the Internet is not brave unless you live in Iran, North Korea, China, or a similar country where you could face actual consequences for your words beyond other bloggers being mad at you.

Yeah, I know how ironic that statement is, appearing on a blog. But this blog isn’t some great act of courage on my part. It doesn’t make me a ‘virtual martyr’ even if people start flaming me.

If I post what I believe (complete with Bible verses to “back it up,”) and people criticize me, I’m not suffering persecution for our Lord’s sake. I’m just getting flamed online.

If I was blackballed from my profession for being a Christian, like a man in our church was when he lived in the Soviet Union (back when it still was the Soviet Union), that would be persecution.

If the army seized our church building and used it as a stable and a brothel (for maximum desecration – sexual immorality + human trafficking!) that would be persecution.

That happened to a church I volunteered at once in Lithuania. They got the building back after Lithuania declared its independence from the USSR. It took them a while to clean the place out, but they did. The same congregation had been worshiping in secret for decades. That’s persecution, and that’s standing firm for Christ.

But getting flamed? Not persecution. Posting ideas on the Internet? Not enduring hardship for Christ. Comment-bombing Rachel Held Evans’ blog with the same comment over and over … that’s just obnoxious.

Long story short, until God calls you to lie on one side for 390 dayss and use nothing but dung for your cooking fire, stop bellyaching. You aren’t Ezekiel, and neither am I.

Taking a Social Media Break

I’m going to take a few days away from blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. I may post here, but I won’t be getting into too many conversations.

There’s just too much that makes me hurt and angry, too much that drives me insane and makes me want to scream.

Too many self-righteous rants. Too many Jesus Jukes. Too many people scoring rhetorical points for their side without ANY respect for facts, actual crime figures, or giving the families time to grieve.

Far too many people gushing over President Obama’s show of emotion over these children and ignoring the 170+ children he’s killed via drone strikes. One rant described George W. Bush as a serial killer of children, but said nothing but good things about Obama. Really?

Far, far too many people spewing vengeful, bloodthirsty theological explanations ranging from prayer in schools to the ever-popular John Piper explanation, God is perfectly justified to kill anyone he wants at any time and if we object it’s just because we’re too depraved to understand God’s holiness (which happens to look just like sadism, but that’s only because we’re too evil to understand the difference).

And time after time I struggle to stay out of it. And time after time I fail. I’ve had it. I’m stepping back from this puke-storm until the bile settles down.

I think I’ll leave with something funny, if slightly gross.