One perfect example of a passable movie, and one movie that … isn’t

We watched Alice Through the Looking Glass this past weekend, while we were both recovering from annoying but non-threatening illnesses.  It was a textbook example of a passable movie. 

It took no chances. It took what worked from the first one and added a forgettable time travel plot whose stakes suddenly rise to “the fate of all Wonderland and all in it” with the resution literally coming down to the last second. 

Spoiler Alert: Alice succeeds. The entirety of Wonderland is not destroyed. A shocker, really! I mean,  you could cut the tension with a spoon. 

I mean,  how could such an all-star cast put together such a mediocre movie? 

I mean,  without George Lucas?

Okay,  so on to the other movie I watched while resting,  the one that was anything but passable:  Blancaneives.

This movie – a silent, black and white film made in 2011 – is striking just by is choice of medium.  It’s choice to tell the Snow White tale via 1920’s Spanish bullfighting sets it apart even further. 

The performances are all excellent, especially Macarena Garcia, who is luminous as Blancanieves/Carmen.

Spoiler Alert:

Seriously, look away! Close this tab.

I hated the ending.  It felt like a gut punch, like the entire story had been poisoned. 

There were no supernatural elements in this story,  so when Carmen was poisoned, she just went into a “locked in” state.  

The guy who owned her bullfighting contract put her on display (in a coma)  and charged people 10 cents to kiss her and see if they could wake her.

At the end,  one of the dwarfs, the one who had a crush on her,  kissed her,  and a year rolled down her cheek. 

Now,  maybe that was supposed to mean she was waking up,  but if so,  they should have shown it.  From what’s on screen,  all I could see was that she was being held captive and sexually assaulted for money, and that she was fully aware of it.

Oh, hell no. This is like an “original” version of Beauty and the Beast where gain killed the beast, raped Belle,  and forced her to marry him.

Just, no.

Seriously, no. I’d have gone asking with you killing her, but this is just sadistic and even a little misogynist.

So, anyway, great movie, but turn it off before the final scene. Ick.