Meat Free Monday: We Don’t Need Dairy for Strong Bones

In fact, animal products, including dairy, could be HURTING our bones:

(You can look at the data here)

I chose three two videos because they are evidence-based and cite their sources, while still being easy to watch and digest. 

Also, sorry about posting this a day late.

If you’re wondering what some good plant based sources of calcium are, here you go:

Even fruit can be a good source of calcium:

Meat- Free Monday: Backing Into Veganism

Most vegans say that giving up dairy was the hardest part of the process. 

And it does seem that cheese, especially, is literally addictive.It certainly was for me. 

So I was surprised at how easy my transition from omnivore to herbivore has been. I’m the guy who’d eat half a block of cheese in one sitting, almost every day. 

I think I may know what made the difference,  but unfortunately it won’t help vegetarians go vegan: 

I gave up meat LAST.

I decided I was ready to do this during the last week of May. But we did a big Memorial Day cookout,  so I had all my favorite grill meats for most off the week. 

So I used that week to give up eggs and dairy. I didn’t have too much trouble because I had my favorite grilled meats to turn to. 

And once that meat was gone, I walked away and never looked back.

Meat isn’t the hard part.  But if you’re trying to go directly from omnivore to vegan, meat can be a great crutch for giving up dairy. 

Take out the hardest obstacle first,  and use that momentum to go the distance.