Meat Free Monday: Babalu in Jackson, MS

Babalu Tacos and Tapas is positively great.  They have a few vegan things on the menu,  including their outstanding guac and their black eyed pea hummus.

But I got a couple of almost-vegan items made vegan: the vegetal taco (just ask them to hold the cheese. It is delicious!) and the black bean burger, which came with guac, onion, arugula, and a delicious sauce. 

They normally fry the black bran burger, which requires an egg bath, but for vegans, they skip the egg bath and grill it instead. It was outstanding.

Their iced tea was also good. Ask for it with lime, for an unexpected treat.

They have locations in Jackson, Memphis, Knoxville, Birmingham (Alabama, not England), and Charlotte.

Meat Free Monday: How Much Does Meat Really Cost?

Although animal products are often cheap in the store (99 cents for a big pack of hot dogs, 49 cents for a box of mac n cheese), there are a lot of external costs that get pushed off onto the taxpayers, and are hidden from view.

While there are hidden costs to everything, the hidden costs of animal agriculture tend to be a lot higher than those of most plant based foods.

For more information, look at David Simon’s book Meatonomics.  the video below also gives a bit more info. 

Meat Free Monday: Spinach Sandwich!

Growing up in the South, I’ve eaten a lot of yummy tomato sandwiches, just sliced tomatoes, salt, pepper, and mayo on soft white bread (or toast).

But just last week I discovered you could do the same thing with spinach.

I’ve been devouring them like the end of the world is coming ever since. 

You should give it a try. You can also combine them into a spinach and tomato sandwich, if you think you can handle it 🙂

Meat Free Monday: Low Fat Oil Free Lentil “Tim” Curry

It’s a Tim curry because I’m Tim, it’s a curry,  and I wrote the recipe. Also, it can’t decide whether it wants to be a mad scientist, and evil clown, or a professional pirate when it grows up.

  • 2 cups cooked lentils
  • 2 medium potatoes, cooked and diced. Sweet potatoes taste even better than white potatoes,  but both work well
  • 2/3 to 1 cup cooked cut carrots
  • 1/4 to 1/2 medium red onion, sliced thin
  • 3 cloves garlic, diced
  • 1/4 to 1/2 red bell pepper, diced
  • Curry powder and red pepper to taste
  • Salt and black pepper 


  1. If you haven’t done so already, cook the potatoes, lentils, and carrots
  2. Simmer the onion,garlic, and red bell pepper in a little water until slightly soft
  3. Stir in the lentils, potatoes, and carrots
  4. Add curry and ground red pepper to taste 
  5. Cook covered on low heat for 10 minutes, until everything is hot, and the flavors have mixed. If it doesn’t treats quite right, add curry, stir, and simmer a few minutes longer.
  6. Add salt and black pepper to taste on the plate. You’ll use a lot less salt that way, and it will taste better.
  7. Eat over rice for best effect

    It’s hard to express how much I like this recipe, so I’ll let a more eloquent Tim do it for me:

    Quick Microwavable Oatmeal that Tastes like Banana Pudding 

    I was eating some oatmeal that had gone cold and it hit me: “this tastes like banana pudding!” 

    Alright, it doesn’t have exactly the right consistency,  but the taste is definitely there. 

    I’ll share the recipe and you can tell me if I’m crazy.

    One serving (I usually eat 2 or 3 servings):

    • 1/2 cup dry oatmeal
    • 2 medjool dates
    • 1/3 large ripe banana 

    Cut up the dates and put in a large microwavable bowl with the oatmeal. Cover the dates and oatmeal with water.

    Cook on high for 4 minutes

    Cut up the banana and stir into the cooked, how oatmeal.

    Let it cool just a little, then eat. Save a little, let it go cold, and see if you think it tastes like banana pudding. I do.

    Meat Free Monday: Crispy Oil Free Quick BBQ Tofu Sandwiches

    I feel like a Doctor Who villain: Devour! Devour! Devour!

    Seriously, I’ve never tasted, and certainly never made, tofu this good. And I owe it all to this video from Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen:

    This was actually my second batch. The first tasted good, but didn’t quite have the golden crisp texture I was looking for. This one nailed it.

    By the way, one package of tofu makes three big sandwiches or maybe six smaller ones.

    I used Sweet Baby Ray’s Raspberry Chipotle BBQ sauce as the final ingredient in the tofu “fry”, and added some to the sandwich.

    For the sandwiches, use your favorite bread (I made two sandwiches, one on white and one on seeded wheat, and both were equally good). 

    1. Toast the bread first.
    2. Spread each slice with a little mayo (optional).
    3. Add BBQ sauce to one slice, and layer it thick with golden crispy caramelized sauced tofu.
    4. Then add shredded cabbage (or cole slaw, if you prefer) and thin cut red onions. Go big with both of these, especially the cabbage. They bring a big crunch and bright flavors to the party, er, sandwich. 

    Put the sandwich together and you’re ready to go. 

    The tofu and the toasted bread are warm and both crispy and soft at once. The cabbage and onion are cold and crunchy.

    The combination of flavors and textures really makes the sandwich pop.

    Meat Free Monday: Quick Low-Fat Potato Hash

    It’s the one on the right. The one on the left is a skillet of low-fat white bean burgers.

    This has a yummy Southwestern flavor, but is mild enough for the most heat-averse palate. 

    • 4 medium potatoes
    • 1 can great northern beans,  rinsed
    • 1/2 large onion
    • 2-3 cloves garlic
    • 2 cups broccoli
    • 1-2 cups salsa or picante, to taste


    1. Steam broccoli (I used the microwave)
    2. While the broccoli is streaming, wash & perforate potatoes 
    3. And finely chop the onion and garlic
    4. Microwave the potatoes
    5. While the potatoes are cooking, soften half the onion bits and all the garlic in a little water in a skillet on high heat
    6. Cut the potatoes into chunks and put them into the skillet. Turn the heat down to medium
    7. Add the cooked broccoli and the beans
    8. Stir in the salsa and cook for a few (2- 5) minutes. Taste as you go to see how much salsa you want to add.
    9. Add the raw onions and cook for a few minutes more.

    This is hearty, filling, and low in fat. And delicious!

    Meat Free Monday: Guilty Pleasure Bagel Chik’n Sandwich with Daiya

    I really should start posting all the healthy things I’ve been eating. Maybe later. 

    • This is an Everything Bagel
    • With a Boca vegan chik’n patty
    • A slice of cheddar Daiya
    • Vegannaise 
    • And Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce

    Toast the bagel very thoroughly, melt the Daiya while you’re heating the Chik’n patty, then apply condiments to taste.

    By the way: Sweet Baby Ray’s really is the best commonly available retail BBQ sauce. Homemade and specialty sauces can beat it, but KC Masterpiece and Heinz never will.

    Humans Are Herbivores


    I love this video series. If you view the video on YouTube,  he puts links to his sources in the description.

    His video on the visual predation hypothesis is great, too.

    MAYBE he gets a little too moralistic about being vegan, I guess, but Mic’s videos are great motivation-boosters. 

    Each one is a scientific, evidence-packed pep talk. Check them out.